Summary: Capital City by Samuel Stein

America in 2019: unaffordable housing and cities, huge numbers of Americans displaced from their homes because rents quickly rose beyond their means, local control of neighborhoods a thing of the past, and housing snapped up at a record rate by distant investor groups and LLCs. Just published in 2019, this book is all about how urban planning works, historically and now. It identifies the players who actually determine what and how development will occur in a city, and how city planners actually embrace gentrification, because there are few other choices to create an adequate tax base.  Learn about a system controlled by banking, credit rating agencies, and real estate interests.

BUT WAIT! In the last part of this book are suggested solutions to these problems, Buy the book, but you can also read a thorough summary in one eighth the number of pages.       Read part 1 here.       Read part 2 here.

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