City Council Quotations

Comments by current council members submitted to the SW Olympia Neighborhood Association when, as candidates, they were asked to submit written statements on issues of neighborhood concern.":

“I believe your neighborhood deserves to remain a quiet residential area where people walk in the streets, children and walk and bike to school, locals respect the stop signs and you can easily organize block parties to help build community.”  CHERYL SELBY, Mayor

“The neighborhood should not be in a position where it has to react to bad decisions and organize to fight against a development proposal that is going forward.” NATHANIEL JONES, Mayor Pro Tem

“I applaud the extensive neighborhood organizing efforts and civic participation to advocate for safe neighborhoods, urban parks and trails for community members to enjoy.” JESSICA BATEMAN, Council Member

“Neighborhood concerns about traffic, parking, and the safety of children walking should be key priorities in evaluating new land development.  Olympia will continue to grow and evolve, and I’m not opposed to change.  But I will continue to fight for neighborhood interests to be taken seriously when land development is proposed.” CLARK GILMAN, Council Member

“I am firmly opposed to the Wellington Heights development proposal.  While we do need to build for density to meet the growth we’re predicted to absorb in the coming years, we absolutely must do it in a way that preserves the character and culture of our existing neighborhoods.”  LISA PARSHLEY, Council Member

“Olympia has, in SWONA, neighbors who are organized and invested in creating the look, feel and character of their neighborhood. That is a gift! On Council I want to engage neighborhoods in planning for anticipated growth, not just force the wishes of developers upon them.”  RENATA ROLLINS, Council Member

Citizen Quotations

“The Olympia Planning Department seems to be pushing us towards these major changes, and making these changes all over Olympia at the very same time as if we were one huge mass of look-alike neighborhoods.”  BONNIE JACOBS, city resident  

“The MMH is not in compliance with the Comprehensive Plan for Olympia and would severely and irrevocably alter the character and landscapes of our neighborhoods and city for generations to come.”  MARTI WALKER, city resident   

“Rezoning existing undeveloped land, to allow multifamily housing and the roads and sewer and water infrastructure needed, will provide more housing stock (although not affordable housing), but allowing higher density in existing developments will result in infrastructure construction costs for the City that will have to be paid for with higher property taxes.” DOUGLAS BENSON, city resident  

“Research by realtor organizations show that the most common request for housing is a single family home.  If the mayor, the city council and the planning department all think that moving into a multi-unit home is so great, then I suggest to all of you to sell your homes and move into one.  Meaning, you go first.” BEVERLY TORGUSON, city resident  

“I am concerned that these new provisions will actually make housing more expensive in Olympia, not less.  Simply providing more housing withoutstipulating that rents must all be affordable  and can be owned by absentee landlords will just escalate prices and increase property taxes.” PAT HOLM, city resident  

“The Mayor and City Council want us fully engaged, reading consultant reports, making comments to staff, but, at the exact same time, the Mayor and City Council are fully disengaged, missing in action, the true "missing middle." Unless you change this self-imposed structure, the promise of elected governance will remain a hoax, something your Hearing Examiner cannot remedy.” DAN LEAHY, city resident  

“My family and I would like to state our concerns about the missing middle housing project and beg you to please slow this down. We would also like to appeal to your sense of decency that as you can imagine, having what you thought you bought be transformed into something else and feeling powerless about what you can do about it is very upsetting. We are a middle class family that lived paycheck to paycheck when we bought our home and for the first ten years we owned it. We chose to go without many, many things in order to live in this type of neighborhood and in this school district….This time you have gone too far….I am dialed in. And I did not know about this issue until February this year.The reason is because you did not do a direct mailing. The utilities have to do a mailing for anyone impacted within 500 feet of a pipe going in, but you guys did not do the common sense measure of outreach or sending us mail. This is unconscionable.” OLYMPIA RESIDENT

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