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4/2/19 Wall Street REITS have bought up 6% of housing stock since 2014, reducing vacancy rates, increasing rents and house prices, and making individual homeowners compete with corporations

Age of Homeowners since 1982

Housing Density in Olympia/Thurston County:

2106 Zillow Renter Study:

City Council member Clark Gilman sums up the MM process at the 9/11/18 council meeting:

Missing Middle experience in other cities

3/21/19 Seattle Times warns against proposed Senate Bill 5812, and House Bills 1797 and 1923. These bills over-ride local control of zoning, replacing it with MM-type zoning. It won't increase affordability, but advantages developers

2/4/19 Income inequality is a major cause not being able to afford standard housing:

1/21/19 Seattle's version of MM (MHA) doesn't produce significant affordable housing, degrades neighborhoods, and further gives advantage to developers:

12/31/18 Seattle: Does upzoning lower housing prices? Maybe Not.

The failure of MM in Portland 9/27/18:

Seattle Times 9/11/18: Seattle's Mandatory Housing Affordability plan has failed to achieve affordability, liveability, or equity, or to pay attention to Seattle residents' needs and preferences. Read here.

Seattle Times Editorial Board 6/29/18: Missing Middle-type development is destructive to single-family neighborhoods, unnecessary for accommodating growth, and does not help the affordability crisis. Read here.

Seattle Leads the glut in rental units:

In 2017, Seattle's "Grand Bargain" builderss created 19 affordable housing units out of 8756 built, and $100,000 in affordability fees (in lieu of affordable units)out of 5.2 billion dollars spent on this housing. Read

Seattle Times Editorial Board on MM:

Cheaper Housing for the rich, not the poor

ADU affordability:

YIMBY laws in San Francisco:

Portland MM experience:

Portland MM in 2017:

Leasing your backyard:

Seattle MM in 2016:

Vancouver BC Experience:

Misleading or false statements

MM will help the homeless:

MM will have insignificant effects:


Missing Middle to be required in Washington in SB5769 and SB1797 - a mistake.

See details here. Contact your legislator NOW.

ORD&LN Letter to City Council 9/6/18: Timeline showing lack of MM public process and a rush to approval here

Missing Middle ignores known facts and research about housing. See here

Missing Middle was designed BEFORE the stakeholder group began meeting in 3/2017. See here

Planning Evaluator: here

One Size fits All:

MM Summary (Bob Jacobs): here

Portland non-NIMBY  :

Portland Planner MM Complaint: here

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