Green Space

There are two ways that Missing Middle standards will eliminate light and green space from our residential neighborhoods:

• Larger buildings on smaller lots         • New Low-Impact Development standards, which decrease green space by 42% to 55%

There are two standards for paving in housing:

Impervious Surface- this includes the house footprint and any pavement that doesn't let water through. This won't change.

   In R-4-8 neighborhoods, 45% of a lot can be impervious. in R-6-12 neighborhoods, 55% of a lot can be impervious.

Hard Surface - This includes all Impervious Surface plus porous surface, like gravel, decks, and porous concrete. This standard is proposed to change to make larger MM housing possible by reducing green space. To see the actual proposal, go to the City Calendar and click on the Planning Commission agenda for July 23, 2018. Then click on the attachment under item 6.A. 

   In R-4-8 neighborhoods, 75% of a lot can be hard surface, up from 55%.

   In R-6-12 neighborhoods, 85% of a lot can be hard surface, up from 65%.

   Townhouses go from 70% to 80% hard surface in all neighborhoods

Click on links below to see scale drawings below of each housing type, to see how they would change with MM and the new LID proposals. Focus on the proportion of leftover green space in each diagram.

Single Family House         Duplex        Townhouse        Triplex/Fourplex       Cottage Developments

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