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    Facts and Research

Definitions and standards

• Find definitions for current and MM housing types here.

• Find highlights of MM policies and their effects here

• For a table showing all standards that could change in MM, see Missing Middle Standards Changes table

City Documents

•  NEW!! The final 2-page summary of Missing Middle housing changes from the City website here

NEW!! Where will MM housing go? To the City's final maps , go here.

• To see the full MM code change document, go to the City Missing Middle Page: click "Complete Final Draft Ordinance with Code Changes"

• To just see excerpts of codes that would change (copied and pasted), go here

• To see the zoning map of Olympia, go here

• To see the City table of MM code changes, go here


The areas where large MM housing would be placed are being reconsidered (no final decisions yet)

No longer proposed:The map showing the OLD MM housing area are here.

• NEW!! The MAP showing the NEW Option 2 areas (R-6-12, NC, R-4-8 Coll, R-4-8 Comm)  is here (City link here)

Acres of area occupied by Option 2 map zone types (R-6-12, NC, R-4-8 Coll, R-4-8 Comm), are here.

• Analysis showing new units per acre in each zone type are here. Assume that Courtyard Apartments have 12 units. 

Basically, in option 2, if only vacant land were developed, unit density in chosen MM areas would increase by about 1 unit per acre, mostly in R-6-12 areas.

If all vacant land and eligible tear-down (redevelopable) lots were included, option 2 would add about 2.7 units per acre to areas with large MM housing, where the least density increase would happen around Neighborhood Centers.

Analysis of MM policies

• To see unit housing densities allowed by MM, go here

• To see which Comprehensive Plan policies cover MM and new development in Olympia, go here

• To see an explanation of SEPA / EIS, go here.

• To see Cost per square foot or rent for each housing type, go here

• To see analysis of housing in the Eastside Neighborhood, go here.

• To see housing type preferences of buyers and renters, along with household statistics for Thurston County, go here

How much green space will be left in MM yards? Go here