The City’s Hearing Examiner refused to hear our appeal…so now what?

The Hearing Examiner, Mark C. Schreibmeir, told us we have to wait until the Missing Middle actually causes serious harm to our city before we can take action. He said that we don't have “standing,” and that any harm we anticipate is only “speculative.” If that seems wrong to you, then join us! The Appeal we just concluded laid the groundwork for the next legal action we will take to ensure that the character and livability of Olympia is not the part that's “missing” from the Missing Middle. After the City Council makes its final decision regarding the 43 proposed policy changes to our current municipal zoning codes, we want the future of our neighborhoods to still be livable and affordable.

We hope the Council will scrutinize the Missing Middle housing proposal very closely and direct the Planning and Community Development Department to take another run at it, perhaps this time with full scoping, measurable objectives, and viable alternatives. However, we can’t count on that, so we will continue to prepare ourselves and our fellow citizens to ensure Smart Development and Livable Neighborhoods for Olympia’s future.

How can you help?

We still need help funding legal efforts. The first skirmish may be over, but the fight for Olympia’s neighborhoods is far from over! Your donation will help keep our legal team on track to finalize last details from our original appeal and to prepare for a quick response to the City Council’s decision regarding your neighborhood. Next stop is the Growth Management Hearings Board. 

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